SEM events draw over TWO MILLION engaged visitors and active participants EACH YEAR. They’re looking for fun. Or they’re looking for a challenge.

As a sponsor, they’ll be looking AT YOU!

For pricing and a customized benefits package, please contact Norine Smyth at (312) 799-0354

SEM Delivers

As the Midwest’s largest producer of fun, entertaining and engaging events of all shapes and sizes, Special Events Management (SEM) can put you in direct contact with an audience for your products and/or services. We produce nearly 100 events each year. These range from runs/walks that draw 1,000-5,000 participants to more than 30 of Chicagoland’s most popular art and street fests that attract crowds of 25,000-150,000 over a summer weekend.

Reaching Targeted Demographics for You!

Each year SEM’s art and street fests welcome an estimated 1.5 million visitors. Our runs/walks, marathons and half marathons draw another 500,000 active participants and thousands of spectators. Urban and Suburban. Singles. Families. Affluent. College-Educated. Homeowners. Professionals. SEM events reach them all!

Plus Niche Markets

Need to reach the fast-growing and brand-loyal Hispanic market? We have events for you. Art, food and music lovers? We’ve got you covered. The high disposable income LGBTQ? Tech-savvy consumers who use social media? Recreational athletes? Sports enthusiasts? SEM events reach them all!

We’re Cost-Effective

As a sponsor, SEM gives you unique, one-of-a-kind venues to directly target consumers both before and on-site at events. Because we reach so many consumers and offer you so many options, sponsorship is an extremely cost-effective way to engage with both customers and prospective customers. We deliver the audiences you want!

We Can Create Sponsor Packages Such As SEM’s “Best Fest Series”

It’s all about creating visibility for your company. And a direct connection with consumers. SEM can tailor sponsorship packages to meet your marketing goals. One popular sponsorship opportunity is SEM’s “Best Fest Series.” It’s a one-of-a-kind program comprised of Chicagoland’s premier summer street fairs and festivals. The Best Fest Series spans five months (May-September). Cumulatively, these events draw more than 800,000 customers for your products and/or services!

What Are You Waiting For?

Let us create an event sponsorship package that delivers for you!

For pricing and a customized benefits package, please contact Norine Smyth at 312-799-0354.